Fashion Industry, Design
Issues and Practices
MIT Workshop
(Page One)

By Shirley Willett (Pres. Stylometrics, Inc.)
January 8 & 9, 2004

I represented the fashion industry as one of four "expert witnesses" and presenters of various industries at MIT. The other three are automobiles (with the VP of Ford), architecture (a woman who owns her own firm) and a software engineer (from Microsoft). It is an extension of workshops that took place at Cambridge University in England, in 2002. There were six researchers: three academics from the English workshop, and three engineering and architecture professors from MIT.

The following paper was presented as a guide for the others in the workshop, and for those who need more knowledge of how the fashion industry works. The information is divided into four basic divisions that involve design practice, in order to accommodate all the myriad existing divisions, with less confusion and optimum understanding for the reader.

Page One: MIT themes are dark gray and broken down on the left, and matched with the design issues in the four divisions of the fashion industry, broken down in the text. Light grey highlights important issues in the summary. (Page 2 to 7, Text)